Mobile Apps For Local Businesses by

It is no secret that the mobile marketing platform is here to stay. That’s pretty much old news these days. What local business have not figured out, however, is how to engage mobile users? How does a company use the mobile platform? The answer is with Mobile Apps.

A lot of professionals are convinced that a mobile website is all you need as a business. While mobile websites are very important and useful, a mobile application is simply engaging. Why? When a user leaves your mobile website, there’s no telling when they’ll be back. You have to HOPE they’ll remember you.

Conversely, with an Apps111 mobile app (equipped with a built in push notification feature) you can speak to your customers instantly. What does this mean? If you own a restaurant and you’ve done your work in promoting your mobile application with offers, discounts and other incentives, you can now send instant messages with offers and incentives to walk through the doors today. “Half priced dessert today only!” This can make all the difference on a slow day and is proven to increase a company’s bottom line. Never has there been a more engaging platform on which to market. And, with Apps111, mobile is available and affordable.
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