5 Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Fanpage

So your Facebook fan page is up! You’ve got a great timeline image and thumbnail image. You have a modest paid advertising campaign that is bringing some LIKES to your page. Now what? How should your page perform? How can you keep your fans engaged? And, most importantly, how can you attract the RIGHT people to your page?

These are tough questions. Most businesses make the mistake of thinking that managing a Facebook fan page is easy. Just slap it together and you’re on your way, right? I would guess that more than 50% of Facebook fan pages are virtually abandoned. I am speaking from experience! I’ve made the mistakes so these tips are not regurgitated tips from someone trying to sell programs. These Facebook Marketing Tips come from the marketing school of hard knocks! And, by the way, they’re FREE! These are a few simple tricks you can use to grow your page full of fans that are genuinely interested in your business.

  1. Invite Your Friends – I hate to state the obvious here but have you invited your friends to LIKE your page? If not, why? These are the people that trust you the most. They are also the most likely to comment on and LIKE your posts. And, when they do, their friends will see your posts. You are hundreds of times more likely to get viral activity going via your friends than from strangers. So invite them to your page!
  2. Choose Your Facebook Fan Page As Your Place Of Employment– What do I mean by this? On your personal page, click your ABOUT tab and edit your place of
    Use Your Fan Page as Place of Employment

    employment. Start by erasing what you’ve got and choose your Facebook fan page as your place of employment. This does two things. First, it posts the change to your timeline. Your friends will see it naturally. Second, it will take your friends to your page, not to some generically generated page like, Self Employed and Loving It. People are nosy! They DO visit and click on your links. So make sure you do this!

  3. Choose The Name Of The Page Properly– Without being too “selly”, try to place your main keyword into the title of your Facebook Page. So if own a patio furniture company in Palm Springs and your company is called Patio Pros, your Facebook page title can read something like this, Patio Pros – Palm Springs’ Patio Furniture. This does not hurt for Google Ranking either. Facebook pages DO rank!
    Place Your Keyword In Your Page Title
  4. LIKE Other Pages As Your Page – Let’s say you own a local music store. Your company sells music, instruments, lessons and accessories. You should, as your page, search for local band’s Facebook pages, local venues and so on. Anything that is on the fringe of your niche, you should LIKE AS YOUR PAGE! Why? First, many of these companies will reciprocate on participate in your conversations. This puts the “Social” in social networking! You should do this with as many related Facebook pages as possible.
  5. Comment As Your Page– Now that you have your title optimized and you are following several related Facebook pages, your news feed will be full of posts from

    Comment As Your Facebook Fan Page

    those your follow. Comment on each and every post, or as often as time will allow, AS YOUR PAGE! Who will see you? Not just the band you’re following but the fans of the band! They love music and they ARE your target market!

I know this sound like a lot of work, but when you get good at it, it should take no longer that a half hour. By the way, don’t spam. If you’re commenting on a post, don’t self promote. Talk about the post. If you write your title properly, that’s all the promotion you’ll need.

Thanks for reading. We hope you learned something today!


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