Mobile App Marketing – Using QR Coupons To Increase Business

Mobile App Marketing with QR Coupons

Most business owners know that mobile marketing and mobile applications are the wave of the future. The question is, “How do I apply these platforms to my business?” Well one of the answers is QR Coupons. Apps111 QR Coupons are built in marketing campaigns designed to get customers through your doors over and over again. Here’s how they work:

First let’s answer a basic question: What is a QR code?

Sample QR Code

QR Code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of bar-code. It is really no different from the traditional bar-code in its functionality. The difference is you can scan a QR Code with your mobile devices. QR Codes can be programmed to do any number of things including forwarding to websites, receiving text offers and UNLOCKING COUPONS!

How Can a QR Coupon Benefit my business?

The QR Coupon works very much like a traditional loyalty program in which a customer is

QR Coupon Tab

given a card that an employee stamps whenever a purchase is made. On the 5 purchase, for example, the customer will be given something for their loyal patronage. Here’s how we do it:

First, we build a QR Reader directly into your application. Next we construct a tab that opens a QR Coupon campaign that you can easily create in your own Apps111 back office. The campaign tab will feature a Scan button that will open the reader. Lastly, we build a counter display with the QR Code prompting people to scan and save. You set the parameters and people come back OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!

Sample QR Coupon Counter Display

Can you see how an Apps111 QR Campaign can increase your bottom line? That’s one feature of at least 10 within your business’ mobile application!

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Mobile Marketing For Restaurants: Restaurant App Features

So you own a restaurant and you’re wondering “How will a mobile app benefit my business?” Several ways! The beauty of Apps111 mobile apps for restaurants is that they come with built in marketing features along with third party integrations designed to get people BACK through your doors time and time again.

A Mobile app can increase your restaurant’s bottom line!

How can an app work for your business? Let’s say you’ve done your work in promoting your new mobile app. Months have gone by and you now have hundreds of downloads. It’s Tuesday night, you’ve got half the covers you’d normally have: what do you do? With your new mobile app the answer is simple! You log-in to your Apps111 members site, click Messages, type in a “today only” offer: Today only! Free Desert with any Entree! Hundreds of people are instantly alerted with 97% of them opening and reading the message. Less than 5% of people open their emails within 24 hours.

What does this mean? People WILL walk through your doors! And they WILL look forward to your messages! Can you see how an Apps111 Mobile App can directly increase your bottom line?

With an Apps111 mobile app, you get QR Coupons, GPS Coupons, Open Table Integration, Turn By Turn Directions, Instant Push Messaging and lots more! Below are a few features you can use to engage your guests with our custom mobile apps:

Food Ordering

  • Allow customers to order from any Smartphone
  • Receipt printer integration available
  • Online food ordering widget included
  • Customize every aspect of the food order
  • Options for food delivery, take out, or dining in
  • Manage and receive orders online

Mobile Food Ordering

Reward Customers for Repeat Visits

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Encourage repeat visits or purchases
  • Reward customers with coupons
  • Direct return on investment
  • GPS “check-in” coupon system available
  • QR code coupon system availabl
  • Mobile stamp card system available
  • Reward your best customers

Mobile Loyalty Program

3rd Party Integration

  • Automatically sync your shopping cart items
  • Automatically sync your reservation system
  • Automatically sync your mailing list contacts
  • Automatically sync videos with YouTube
  • Automatically sync music with iTunes
  • Automatically sync images with Flickr

Mobile App Integrations

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Hi-Lites Aveda Grand Salon Mobile App by Apps111

Hi-Lites Aveda is different than any other salon. The professionals at Hi-Lites Aveda love to help you relax! So choose a service from a Complementary Service Menu to be performed during your visit. These include a soothing Hand Ritual massage, a Stress Relieving neck massage, an Aromatic Steam Towel on your face during your shampoo, or a 5 minute make-up application after your reservation.

With the launch of the Hi-Lites Aveda iPhone, iPad and Android apps, the desert’s best salon has never been more accessible! From the Hi-Lites Aveda mobile app, you can make Appointments, One Touch Call, receive great Promotions and more! Below is a list of features:

  • Turn By Turn GPS Directions
  • QR Coupon – Save, save, save!
  • Social Sharing
  • Convenient Appointment Setting
  • Hi-Lites Gallery
  • Photo Sharing and MORE

Hi-Lites is the only Aveda Lifestyle Salon with a full-line Aveda retail experience center in the desert. They exclusively offer Aveda plant-based products for hair care, skin care, makeup and custom blends that include pure plant and flower essences as an alternative to synthetic or chemical ingredients.

Download the Hi-Lites Aveda Mobile App! Scan the QR Codes below!