5 Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Fanpage

So your Facebook fan page is up! You’ve got a great timeline image and thumbnail image. You have a modest paid advertising campaign that is bringing some LIKES to your page. Now what? How should your page perform? How can you keep your fans engaged? And, most importantly, how can you attract the RIGHT people to your page?

These are tough questions. Most businesses make the mistake of thinking that managing a Facebook fan page is easy. Just slap it together and you’re on your way, right? I would guess that more than 50% of Facebook fan pages are virtually abandoned. I am speaking from experience! I’ve made the mistakes so these tips are not regurgitated tips from someone trying to sell programs. These Facebook Marketing Tips come from the marketing school of hard knocks! And, by the way, they’re FREE! These are a few simple tricks you can use to grow your page full of fans that are genuinely interested in your business.

  1. Invite Your Friends – I hate to state the obvious here but have you invited your friends to LIKE your page? If not, why? These are the people that trust you the most. They are also the most likely to comment on and LIKE your posts. And, when they do, their friends will see your posts. You are hundreds of times more likely to get viral activity going via your friends than from strangers. So invite them to your page!
  2. Choose Your Facebook Fan Page As Your Place Of Employment– What do I mean by this? On your personal page, click your ABOUT tab and edit your place of
    Use Your Fan Page as Place of Employment

    employment. Start by erasing what you’ve got and choose your Facebook fan page as your place of employment. This does two things. First, it posts the change to your timeline. Your friends will see it naturally. Second, it will take your friends to your page, not to some generically generated page like, Self Employed and Loving It. People are nosy! They DO visit and click on your links. So make sure you do this!

  3. Choose The Name Of The Page Properly– Without being too “selly”, try to place your main keyword into the title of your Facebook Page. So if own a patio furniture company in Palm Springs and your company is called Patio Pros, your Facebook page title can read something like this, Patio Pros – Palm Springs’ Patio Furniture. This does not hurt for Google Ranking either. Facebook pages DO rank!
    Place Your Keyword In Your Page Title
  4. LIKE Other Pages As Your Page – Let’s say you own a local music store. Your company sells music, instruments, lessons and accessories. You should, as your page, search for local band’s Facebook pages, local venues and so on. Anything that is on the fringe of your niche, you should LIKE AS YOUR PAGE! Why? First, many of these companies will reciprocate on participate in your conversations. This puts the “Social” in social networking! You should do this with as many related Facebook pages as possible.
  5. Comment As Your Page– Now that you have your title optimized and you are following several related Facebook pages, your news feed will be full of posts from

    Comment As Your Facebook Fan Page

    those your follow. Comment on each and every post, or as often as time will allow, AS YOUR PAGE! Who will see you? Not just the band you’re following but the fans of the band! They love music and they ARE your target market!

I know this sound like a lot of work, but when you get good at it, it should take no longer that a half hour. By the way, don’t spam. If you’re commenting on a post, don’t self promote. Talk about the post. If you write your title properly, that’s all the promotion you’ll need.

Thanks for reading. We hope you learned something today!


Just hours after making the comment on Arnold Palmers’ status update, they visited our Fan Page and LIKE’d Apps111! This stuff works people! Exercise them with consistency and you will reap the financial benefits! See Blow:

Hours after commenting on the above status update, Arnold Palmers LIKE’s our Fanpage!

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Blog Tips–How To Supercharge Your Blog-Part 2: Keyword Research

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about how to pick topics that build trust and add REAL value to your readership. In review, staying on the fringe of your topic is all important if you want to attract potential customers and clients. In other words, you don’t want to spend too much time plugging your business. If you’re a realtor, create a buying guide for your potential clients. And, the buying guide needs to be full of real, useful content that the readers can take with them and use to their benefit. Content that will attract them back to your blog. Content that makes you a resource! Get it? Good!

How to Laser-Target Your Audience!

Let’s move on to Keyword Research. Many of you have probably used Google’s keyword tool. Most of you probably have not. Either way, this tutorial will help you use it properly. Why is this necessary? This is where you find your relevant stream of traffic. This step is the difference between the blogs that see the graveyard vs the blogs that thrive! You can create great content, but if you don’t find your audience, it’s all for naught! Lets get started:

Step 1 – Set up an Adwords account with Google

If you already have an Adwords account, proceed to step 2. If you do not have an Adwords account, create one. Yes, you can use Google’s Keyword Tool without one, but you’ll be pulling your hair out filling out Captcha codes. Trust me, it is worth the five minutes of effort to create your adwords account to avoid this alone! Plus, if you have an account, you’re search results will be far better. Google will limit the amount of information you can get without an account. Go do this now!


Sign Up For a Google Adwords Account

Step 2 – Gold Digging

Most marketers and bloggers learn to love using this tool. It’s like sifting for gold nuggets. Keep in mind that this is a robust tool. There are many ways to get lost and distracted here so I’m going to share only the basic strategies because that is all you need. You should spend no more than ten minutes here. If you use this to optimize every post, over time, you WILL see results.

Stay on target

If you’re a realtor and you’re creating a post on tourist attractions in Palm Springs, then you DO NOT want to tag your post with the keyword “Palm Springs realtor”. That is NOT on topic. You want to enter 3-5 targeted keywords into the tool and follow the points in the diagram below:

Google Keyword Tool

Step 3 – Use the main keyword

Once you’ve established your main keyword, you must use it in two critical areas in order for you to get the most out of it. First, use the keyword in the title. This takes some creative writing and thinking. It should sound natural and make sense. Second, you should use it in the first sentence of the post. Be creative and make it sound natural! Remember, you’re adding value. You don’t want to sound unnatural. Below is a sample using the chosen keyword in the above examle:

Step 4 – Use the remaining keywords to support the post in the tags area.

The information above is very basic, but it is the consistent application of the basics that separates the great blogs from the ones that end up in the blog bone yard! Practice these principles and use these steps for EVERY post. Be consistent and be great!

We hope you learned something today. Please leave comments or ask questions below. Our company cares about your business and we’re glad to help in any way we can.

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Palm Springs’ Elite Land Tours Mobile App by Apps111

Founded by Mark Farley in 2003, the idea for Elite Land Tours was born out of a Safari he experienced in Kenya. Realizing that the United States had nothing like what he’d experienced, Mark decided to create an adventurous experience that people could take with them forever; and rightly in the most bio-diverse state in the Union – California!

The recently released mobile app makes it even more convenient and fun to book, log and remember the #1 Attraction in California.

Available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, anyone with a smart phone can access:

  • Tours Tab – See a list of our tours unique to Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.
  • Specials – Stay updated and informed on special deals available on our great tours!
  • Photo Gallery – See a beautiful, freshly updated photo gallery of great experiences on our tours!
  • One Touch Calling – No numbers to store or remember!
  • Tell A Friend – Share your experiences and photos on Facebook, Twitter, Text and email!
  •  Stay Updated – See our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube updates for news on all of our tours!
  • Fan Wall – Submit Photos on our unique fan wall!
Elite Land Tours Mobile App

To download the app, visit the links below:
iPhone and iPad

or, Scan the QR Codes:

Elite Land Tours QR Codes